Born Again.

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Born Again.

Post by Claire » Sat Jan 12, 2019 4:00 am

The apostle John wrote about the conversation between Jesus, and the Pharisee Nicodemus, regarding being born again (John 3:1-21). On February 24th, 1945, Maria Valtorta claims to have received a vision from Jesus, regarding that particular gospel. She saw and heard what took place in full, just prior to the conversation, during, and after, then recorded it all down. (Poem of the Man-God, vol. 1, chap 116, pp. 371-377).

Nicodemus sought Jesus out in Gethsemane, to warn Him about the increasing hostility of the Sanhedrin. He requested forgiveness for waiting until nightfall to do so (John 3:2), admitting it was partially out of cowardice for his lack of trust in others, but also prudence and desire to be of greater assistance to Jesus. Nicodemus also confessed that when he, and the other members of the Sanhedrin had last assembled, he was about to out himself as a disciple of Him, but Joseph of Arimathea had instructed him to hold his tongue, later explaining it'd be better if the Sanhedrin don't know. For if they were to know they were disciples of Jesus, they would've been kept in the dark about their thoughts and decisions, and would be able to harm Jesus and them. But, if they didn't, then the Sanhendrin wouldn't resort to subterfuges. Nicodemus and Joseph also each had their own duties and interests.

After disclosing this, Jesus told Nicodemus He does not reproach him in any way, and that prior to his arrival, He'd been saying to Simon the Leper He had decided to leave Jerusalem. That prompted Nicodemus to implore Jesus to embrace the protection of Lazarus, for he was a wealthy man, owning large portions of the land, including just as much in Palestine, and having a veiled but potent friendship with Rome, etc. To Nicodemus's dismay, Jesus declined, and stated once more He's to withdraw from Jerusalem. Distraught over thinking that his words had pushed Jesus to that decision, Jesus told him no, then called over Simon, and John the Beloved, to help convince him of this, and commanded Simon to tell Nicodemus that prior to his arrival He had already decided to go away from Jerusalem.

Thinking about what Jesus's departure might mean, Nicodemus exclaimed, "We're going to lose you!".

Jesus put that fear to rest saying, "Men of all sects and positions will be able to come to Me", and "I will speak to crowds willing to hear the Voice of God, and capable of believing that I am that Voice".

Nicodemus affirmed that many do believe in Him, including Romans, etc, so much so they obtained miracles, and that no one can work the miracles that He does unless God is with Him. He witnessed and heard about many of the same miracles, and conversions from different walks of life, etc, as others. Yet, was frustrated over still lacking certainty that Jesus was the Messiah, when others like Simon and John for example weren't. He wanted an explanation for that, hence the following questions he asked:

"Why then can we (learned people) not have the same Faith as the humble people of Israel?"

"Are you the Messiah of the Lord? The Expected One? The Word of the Father, incarnate to teach and redeem Israel according to the covenant?"

"I have a storm and a torment within me. Contrasting winds and voices. Why do I, a mature man, not have the peaceful certainty that this fellow has, although he is almost illiterate and a boy, the certainty that gives such a smile to his face, such light to his eyes, such sunshine to his heart? How do you believe, John, to be so certain? Teach me, son, your secret, by which you were able to see and understand that Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah!"

"By loving", answered John humbly.

"By meditating", answered Simon.

Nicodemus replied to them, "I also love and meditate, and I am not yet certain!" Jesus cut in at that point saying: "I will tell you the true secret. They knew how to be born again, with a new spirit, free from all ties, virgin of all ideas. And, they therefore understood God. If one is not born again, one cannot see the Kingdom of God, not believe in its King" (John 3:3).

Nicodemus asked, "How can a grown man be born again? Ejected from his mother's womb, man cannot go back into it. Are you referring perhaps to reincarnation, in which many pagans believe? No, it is not possible of You. In any case, it would not be going back into a womb, but a reincarnation beyond time. That is, not now. How?" (John 3:4)

Jesus answered, "There is but one life of the body in the world, and only one eternal life of the soul beyond the world. Now, I am not speaking of the flesh and blood, but of the immortal spirit, which is born to true life by means of two things: through water and the Spirit. But, the greater is the Spirit, without whom water is but a symbol. He who has been cleansed through water must then purify himself through the Spirit, and through the Spirit he must become inflamed and shine, if he wishes to live in the bosom of God here, and in the eternal kingdom (John 3:5). Because what's born of the flesh, is and will remain flesh, and dies with the flesh after serving in its carnal lusts and sins. But, what is born of the spirit is spirit, and it lives going to back to the Spirit of which it was born, after bringing up its own spirit to the perfect age (John 3:6). The kingdom of Heaven will be inhabited by only those beings which have reached a perfect spiritual age. Do not be surprised, therefore, if I say: "It's necessary for you to be born again (John 3:7). These two (Simon and John) knew how to be born again. The younger (John) subdued the flesh and caused his spirit to revive by putting his ego on the stake of love. All matter was burnt. From the ashes there arose his fresh spiritual flower, a wonderful helianthus that turns towards the eternal Sun. The older one (Simon) laid the axe of honest meditation to the root of his old way of thinking, he uprooted the old plant leaving the only shoot of good will, of which he caused his new thoughts to be born. He now loves God with a new spirit and sees Him. Everybody has his own method of reaching the harbour.

Every wind is good providing one knows how to unfurl the sails — you feel the wind blowing, and according to its direction you can adjust the brails. But, you cannot tell where the wind comes from, neither can you call the one you need. Also, the Spirit calls, and It comes calling and passes by. But, only one who is alert can follow it. A son knows the voice of his father, the spirit knows the voice of the Spirit of which it was born (John 3:8)".

"How can that happen?", asked Nicodemus (John 3:9).

"You, a teacher of Israel, are asking Me? Do you not know these things? (John 3:10). We speak about and witness to what we know and have seen. Now, then, I speak about and witness to what I know (John 3:11). How will you ever be able to believe what you have not seen, if you do not believe the witness I am bearing to you? How can you believe in the Spirit, if you do not believe in the Incarnate Word? (John 3:12). I have descended to ascend again, and take with me those who are down here. Only One ascended from Heaven: the Son of man. And, only One will ascend to Heaven with the power to open Heaven: I, the Son of man (John 3:13). Remember Moses. He raised a serpent in the desert to heal the diseases of Israel (John 3:14). When I am raised, those who are now deaf, blind, dumb, mad, lepers, ill because of the fever of sin, will be cured, and whoever believes in Me will have eternal life. Also, those who believe in Me will have that blissful life (John 3:15-16). Do not bend your forehead, Nicodemus. I have come to save, not to lose. God did not send His Only-Begotten Son into the world so that those in the world might be condemned, but that the world might be saved through Him (John 3:17). In the world I have found all the sins, all the heresies, all the idolatries. But, can the swallow flying swiftly over dust soil its feathers with it? No. It only takes along the sad roads of the Earth a particle of blue sky, and the scent of the sky, it utters a call to rouse men, and make them raise their eyes from the mud, and follow its flight which returns to the sky. I do likewise. I have come to take you with me. Come!... Who believes in the Only-Begotten Son will not be judged. He is already saved, because the Son speaks in his favor and says: "He loved me". But, it's useless to perform holy deeds, if one does not believe. He has already been judged because He did not believe in the name of the Only-Begotten Son of God (John 3:18). Which is My name, Nicodemus?".

"Jesus", replied Nicodemus.

"No. Savior. I am salvation. Who does not believe in Me, rejects his salvation, and is judged by the eternal Justice. And, this is the judgment: "Light was sent to you and the world, in order to save you, but you and men preferred darkness to light, because you preferred evil actions, which were customary to you, to the good actions that he pointed out to you, that you might follow them and be saints" (John 19-21). You hated the Light because evil-doers love darkness for their crimes, and you avoided the Light that It might not illuminate your hidden wounds. I am not referring to you, Nicodemus. But, that is the truth. And, the punishment will be proportioned to the judgement, both for individuals and communities. With regard to those who love Me, and practice the truth I teach, and are therefore born of their spirits a second time, by a more genuine birth. I say they are not afraid of the light, on the contrary they go towards it, because their own light increases the light by which they were enlightened, a reciprocal glory that makes God happy in His children, and the children in the Father. No, the children of the light are not afraid of being enlightened. Nay, in their hearts, and by means of their deeds they say: "Not I, He, the Father, He, the Son, He, the Spirit, have worked the good in me. Glory be to the, forever". And, from Heaven replies the eternal song of the Three who love one another in their perfect Unity: "Eternal blessing to you, true son of Our will". John, remember those words when the time comes for you to write them (see 1 John 5:20). Nicodemus, are you convinced?".

"Yes, Master, I am", replied Nicodemus.


In addition, Jesus has said,

"To be born again in God means to become a "child", holy, through our own will, to the initial nature of perfect creatures, as the Creator had given to Adam and Eve. We must divest ourselves of the past and accept His Doctrine. It does not delete the past completely. On the contrary, it keeps and instills new life into what is holy and supernatural in the past, and it removes the superfluous human additions, as it puts the perfection of His doctrine where now are human doctrines, which are always imperfect. If we come to Him we will know the Truth, and the Truth will make you free".

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