Evil, Disease, and Natural Disasters.

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Evil, Disease, and Natural Disasters.

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SEG wrote:1. Is God responsible for evil?
...evil is a force that originated by itself like a certain monstrous disease in the most wholesome body.

Lucifer was an angel, the most beautiful of all angels, a perfect spirit, inferior only to God, and yet in this bright essence a vapour of pride arose and he did not scatter it. On the contrary, he condensed it by brooding over it, and evil was born of this incubation. It existed before man. God had hurled him out of paradise, the cursed incubator of evil, who had desecrated paradise. But, he is the eternal incubator of evil, and as he can no longer soil paradise, he has soiled the Earth.
Source: https://archive.org/stream/Volume1OfThe ... earch/evil
SEG wrote:2. Is God responsible for disease?
Through Satan disease and death entered the world. And, crime and corruption also entered the world through him. When you see anyone tortured by misfortune, you can be sure he suffers on account of Satan. When you see one who is the cause of misfortune, you may conclude he is an instrument of Satan.
Illness is a disorder in the order. Because God created man wholesome and perfect, the disorder caused by Satan in the order given by God, has brought with it the illness of the the flesh and its consequences, that is, death or sorrowful heredity. Man inherited original sin from Adam and Eve. But, not only that. And the stain has expanded wider and wider embracing the three branches of man: the flesh more and more vicious and consequently weak and diseased, the morals prouder and prouder and thus corrupted, the spirit more and more skeptical and thus more and more idolatrous.
Source: https://archive.org/stream/Volume1OfThe ... h/disorder
SEG wrote:3. Is God responsible for natural disasters?
God created the universe, and so there's natural disasters which result from natural processes of the Earth. God isnt responsible for disasters brought about by sin:
...the sins of individuals accumulate and bring disasters to the country, exactly as grains of sand, piling up throughout centuries, cause landslides which overwhelm villages and their inhabitants.
Source: https://archive.org/stream/Volume1OfThe ... /disasters
SEG wrote:Their god will not taken any responsibility for these icky things, but the buck does really stop with him. Like any parent or employer he is also to blame for his children and employees errors of judgement, as it is all part of his "plan". Why can't they see that?
God gave angels and human beings free will. Lucifer, Adam, and Eve made their choices. Could God have hindered their deeds? Yes, but, then the Lord would have put disorder into His own ordered thought, by no longer wanting what He had previously wanted: that is free will.

The angel Azariah said:
God does not oppress a troubled spirit in order violently to place it in the impossibility of sinning. Lucifer's not sinning would then have had no merit. Even for us [angels] it was necessary 'to know how to want the Good' in order to continue to merit enjoying the vision of God, infinite Bliss!

As God had wanted this sublime archangel at His side in His first creative works, and wanted him to know about the future of His creation of love, so God wanted him to know the adorable and sorrowful necessity that his sin would have imposed on God: the Incarnation and Death of a God to counterbalance the ruin from the Sin that would have been created should Lucifer not have conquered pride in himself. Love could not but speak this language. God's first annihilation is in this act of wanting to bend sweetly, gently, this proud [archangel]; and with the vision of what his pride would have imposed on God, almost imploring him not to sin, and thus bring others to sin. It was an act of love.

Lucifer, already become a Satan, took this act as fear, weakness, and an insult, as a declaration of war. And, he stirred up war against the Most Perfect, saying:

"You are? I also am. Whatever You made, it was for me You made it. There is no God. And, if there is a God, I am [he]. I adore myself. I detest You. I refuse to recognize as my Lord One Who does not know how to conquer me. You should not have created me so perfect if You wanted no rivals. Now I am and I am against You. Conquer me, if You can, but I do not fear You. I, too, will create; and because of me Your Creation will tremble, for I will shake it like a shred of cloud caught by the winds. For I hate You and I want to destroy whatever is Yours, to create upon its ruins that which will be mine. I neither know nor recognize any other power outside of myself. And, I no longer adore, no longer adore, NO LONGER ADORE any other than myself."

Truly then in Creation, in all Creation, from the lowest [form] to the very depths, there was a horrendous convulsion from the horror of these sacrilegious words. A convulsion such as will not [again] be until the end of Creation. And from it was born Hell: the kingdom of Hate.
Source: http://www.bardstown.com/~brchrys/Darkness.html
"He that keepeth his mouth and his tongue, keepeth his soul from distress" -- Prov. 21:23

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