Miracle on the Mountain.

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Re: Miracle on the Mountain.

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Claire wrote:
SEG wrote:
Claire wrote:Recap: You've gone from calling Luke's experience luck, to a lie, to the result of a mental illness, and now to ordinary. You've been throwing shit at the wall hoping something will stick and none have.
All of my explanations have more merit and are much more credible...
And, yet, you abandoned each one after it didn't stick. And, your latest explanation doesn't either for reasons explained.
SEG wrote:Well let's hear your supernatural explanation...
I've already shared it, and that's what led to you throwing out various explanations, then abandoning each one of yours after it didn't stick. Now that you've exhausted your attacks, you want me to offer something new to attack, because you aren't here to discuss or defend your beliefs, but attack the beliefs of others.
"He that keepeth his mouth and his tongue, keepeth his soul from distress" -- Prov. 21:23

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