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Post by SEG » Sun Dec 16, 2018 12:38 pm

NHBaritone wrote:
Sun Dec 16, 2018 3:22 am
SEG wrote:
Sat Dec 15, 2018 10:14 pm
Hi there NHB! I think you were here before my time on the old forum, but I think you are an atheist? When you get time could you remind everyone of your life journey to being here?
Preacher's kid. Religion major in college, plus 1 year in a protestant seminary.

Textual criticism of the Bible and study of other faiths placed them all in their social context and pointed toward the culture dictation of religions. Their logical inconsistencies and magical thinking don't really stand up in the modern context. My personal integrity became interwoven with saying, "We don't know that yet" instead of "God did it."

I am also gay and was pushed away from church by the ignorant rejection of gay people and the non-acknowledgement that folks have different experiences in life. Same-sex marriage was blocked almost entirely by the church. (It's acceptability has been accompanied by the reduction in the respect given to church teachings and officials; I don't think it could have happened in any other way. Witness the referendums recently in Ireland.) Church divisions, again a reflection of culture, have convinced me that the church more closely resembles hamburger meat than "the body of Christ," with each strand more supercilious than the one it left.

Faith in my tradition was to be based on scripture, tradition, reason, and experience. Using that as a rubric, I have found that faith offers nothing more than a socially sanctioned, placebo-based panacea that filters out genuine evidence and replaces it with fairy tales.
Thanks mate, that was awesome! I never got into religion as a kid in Australia, I was too busy playing sport, having fun with my friends and reading. We just had a win over here on the question of gay marriage. Did you hear about the Cardinal Pell child sexual abuse conviction? They have made it a media gagging in Australia as he is facing more charges in March next year.
“There are no known non-biblical references to a historical Jesus by any historian or other writer of the time during and shortly after Jesus's purported advent.” His so-called life was a farce.

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