God's Message is Confusing & Dangerous

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God's Message is Confusing & Dangerous

Post by SEG » Thu Jul 18, 2019 2:50 pm

If we are to believe that the creator of the entire universe had a message to deliver to humanity, the form of the message was very late, confusing and dangerous.

Humans evolved over 100,000 years ago, being conservative. Religious ideas surfaced at least 40,000 years ago via cave paintings and bones buried in ritualistic manners. Priesthood were in evidence 10,000 years ago, yet Judaism didn't emerge until 3,500 years ago and Christianity until only about 2,000 years ago. So what was God doing for 96,000 years while humanity waited for his divine message?

When he finally emerges, he decided that his tremendously important message of a salvation from a situation that he orchestrated via entrapment of his innocent and gullible children. This could be enacted by a loophole of him forgiving himself after he came down to Earth in the flesh, getting tortured and killed on the cross, dying and bringing himself back to life after 3 days. Then floating back to Heaven.

All this was recorded in text after being rewritten a few times in different languages, with the originals being lost as well as the copies of the copies.

We are expected to believe that the incredibly intelligent creator of the universe thought that this was the best way to create and preserve his message?

It gets worse. Millions of people died trying to make sense out of this crazy message, including all the casualties in the American civil war. Both sides used the verses in the Bible to justify their actions and believed God was on their side. The Southerners used the Bible to inflict torture, rape and enslavement upon the blacks, quoting verses that still remain today.

Witch burning, enslavement, sexual mutilation of babies and using the rod violence upon children has been used for thousands of years and still exists currently worldwide.

You would think that if there really was a creator of the universe, he would do a lot better than this.
Premise One: If a compassionate God exists, then he would do things just as a compassionate person would.
Premise Two: God doesn't do things as a compassionate person would.
Conclusion: Therefore, a compassionate God does not exist.

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