Does Atheism harm the fabric of America?

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Does Atheism harm the fabric of America?

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No, America wasn't created for Christians
Maybe, because non-religious people are bad
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Yes, because America was created for Christians
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Postby mitchellmckain » Thu Dec 24, 2009 1:03 pm

2) Getting Drunk
Kinda feels like I am coming down with something, so no that's not my cup of tea.
As for everybody else, yeah people seem to like dumbing up their brain, don't understand it myself.
BUT, none of this means that I don't like the beverages in sufficiently small quantities - love dark beer (stout), and I like wines, brandys, vodka and rum (especially in milk). On the other hand, considering the human misery it causes I would wish that none of these existed - not that this really is a viable solution.
3) Doing drugs
Short circuit your brain so you that doing drugs is all you want to do. No thanks.
4) Abortion
Before 20 weeks when its not a human but just a growth in their body, women must have choice, especially when choice has been taken away from them by rape - AND they shouldn't have to prove it first or announce it to the world.
5) Gambling
Seems pretty dumb to me, but people are, of course, free to enjoy their earnings how they choose.
8) Human Cloning
This is good after dinner entertainment. I highly reccommend it. In a movie or book, of course, because that is the only place where this ocurrs. Do I think this should be an active area of scientific research? No, absolutely NOT!
9) Profanity
Of course this should be frowned on and penalized as much as possible because that is where it gets its power to shock people. When people use these words in every sentence without any consequences, their meaning is reduced to something like "...uh..." and that seems a bit of a waste to me.
10) Prostitution
This is a persistent and everpresent human problem like hunger and poverty and everything should be done to reduce the socio-economic forces that produce this.
15. Public nudity
Attitudes about this is a highly cutural affectation, but the Bible seems to be in favor of it. (talking about Adam and Eve and Noah)
1) Extramarital affairs
Doing things without regards to the consequences to those you love, who love you and to whom you are responsible (including children) is something I find rather contemptable.
6) Have sex while not married
Too ambiguous. age? commitment?
7) Homosexuality
Sexual practices like religious practices ain't nobody's business but their own, as long as they keep it so, for there may be venues where either of these is inappropriate.
11) Polygamy
Nearly same category as "gay-marriage", but while unlike that, there is some historical precedent for this, I really think that both of these should establish their own distinct traditions for such practices and not abuse the word "marriage".
12) Downloading Copyrighted music
Not my interest and not my problem, but it does seem to me that greed is an issue in this.
13. Growing marijuana for personal use
It is wise that dangerous substances like tobacco have some legal restrictions concerning use, production, sales, storage, distribution and proximity to other people especially minors. But otherwise this is an activity which like those of sex and religion (all people having been assured that there is no provable harm in it to others) should be nobody's business but their own.
14. Driving over 80mph on the interstate
Blasphemy! God will surely strike you with lightning for this. Seriously? Depends on the driving conditions. Being reckless with your own life is of course your own choice, but being reckless with the lives of others is quite unacceptable.
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Re: Does Atheism harm the fabric of America?

Postby NH Baritone » Thu Dec 24, 2009 3:51 pm

I don't know why I hadn't seen this before:

1.) Extramarital affairs: This depends on the couple's own agreements. It becomes problematic when they have assumed an answer instead of discussed it. The same is true of financial and parenting problems.
2.) Getting Drunk: There are levels of intoxication and levels of consequences one could face. Thus there's no absolute answer. However, no one should drive while impaired or put themselves into a position where children or life-long disease could result from drunken judgment.
3.) Doing drugs: Consequences matter. Huffing glue? Never do. Try some pot? Sure, why not? You have to know what you're doing and why you're doing it. Using drugs to manage feelings is almost always a bad idea. Using drugs at the expense of others is ALWAYS a bad idea.
4.) Abortion: Choice belongs to the woman and no one else. Anything else is tantamount to slavery.
5.) Gambling: Only a problem when you risk more than you and your family can afford to lose.
6.) Have sex while not married: Recommended, with precautions.
7.) Homosexuality: Recommended, with precautions, for those who find themselves so inclined.
8.) Human Cloning: Jury is out. Not necessarily bad nor good, but the implications are not yet clear.
9.) Profanity: Context matters. It's neither good nor bad, but made so by the impact and the culture.
10.) Prostitution: The government should make it legal & regulate it.
11.) Polygamy: Legally untenable in society for reasons of inequality, dealing with unavailability of marriageable women for often over half of the men, inability to determine next of kin for medical decision making, etc.
12.) Downloading Copyrighted music: It is unethical in the same way that sneaking into the circus is unethical. Among youngsters, it's understandable; among adults it's inexcusable.
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