The God of Israel

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The God of Israel

Postby kjw47 » Fri Aug 19, 2016 4:18 pm

Gods word teaches--God cannot change, Do you believe that?
Its 100% undeniable fact. From Moses on up until this very day, Israel served, worshipped and taught in every synagogue and temple, from day 1, a single being God named-YHWH. The name that belongs in the OT at every spot-GOD-LORD is found, nearly 6800 places. Men had 0 right to remove Gods personal name( Hebrew) YHWH( Jehovah)
And its 100% fact it is what Jesus, Paul, Peter, and John teach--Jesus has a God, his Father( YHWH)
John 20:17, Rev 3:12-- 2Cor 1:3, 1Corinthians 8:6, 1Cor 15:24-28-- 1Peter 1:3-- Revelation 1:6
100% in agreement--Jesus has a God his Father( YHWH)
Jesus clearly teaches at John 17:6,26-- 3) the one who sent him= The only true God( Father-John 5:30)
Jesus pointed his true followers to his Father in everything he did-John 4:22-24

So we have Fact, Jesus and his real teachers teaching Fact. proving the trinity does not exist. We all must choose who we believe. Think about it at Revelation 1:1 -- A revelation by Jesus Christ which God gave him. Did God say--here me, have a revelation=No. Because Jesus is not God, he is Gods son. God created him direct-first and last. Then creted all other things through him( Gods master worker( Prov 8-1Cor 1:30) Jesus became wisdom--he 100% for sure is Gods master worker--thus at Prov 8 this is the being who came to earth and was named Jesus as a mortal--he speaks--8:22--Produced me( created direct first and last) as the beginning of your way( creation)Coll 1:15 as well) 22-31--grew especially fond of me. I was glad before you( God(YHWH)--when he( Yhwh) caused various things to be created--always pointing to his Father-YHWH the only true living god--wake up world.
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