Magaret Sanger & Eugenics

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Re: Magaret Sanger & Eugenics

Postby Particles » Sun Aug 30, 2015 12:33 am

One16Unashamed wrote:Nothing in my post was racist. The overall majority of members here are atheists and on the political left, so it's not surprising people don't agree with me. When I have real conversations with people of a different race than me, I don't hear the same arguments from them as I do with you. I hear black men and women tell me that it's up to them to be something more in life, it's up to them to get them selves out of poverty, it's up to them to obey the laws. Does that mean that they won't be racially profiled when walking down the street? NO! Or when they walk into a department store an employee will not approach them but when a white couple walks up they immediately help them? Or a white woman locks her door when a black man walks past? No, these things do happen.

Racism does happen today, but it was never the reason for the deaths of Travon,Mike Brown, or Freddie Gray as the media and the liberal leaders would have you believe.

No racism involved in those deaths? That's a strong statement. Can you back it up?

One16Unashamed wrote:

Black lives matter. More induced terminations than live births took place in NYC. It seems Sanger has over achieved in her efforts.

Actually, blacks have a higher birth rate than whites, even though they have a higher abortion rate. They have more abortions because they have a higher unintended pregnancy rate. So, no, you're ludicrously wrong that blacks are being exterminated. Although, I'm sure it makes you very sad that there aren't thousands more blacks alive today.

You're making a very obtuse and dishonest argument against PP. Your real problem with PP is you don't like abortion, period. All the stuff you bring up is not only wrong about PP, it's not what you even care about. Yet because abortion is legal, you're desperately looking for some other angle, like that PP is after blacks. As if your lot care so much about real black lives.

You do realize that PP is not the only abortion provider in America? It's very weird that your lot lately only attacks PP over abortion, as though they're the only ones doing them. What's up with that?
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Re: Magaret Sanger & Eugenics

Postby Keep The Reason » Sun Aug 30, 2015 9:23 pm

You do realize that PP is not the only abortion provider in America? It's very weird that your lot lately only attacks PP over abortion, as though they're the only ones doing them. What's up with that?

No, he probably doesn't realize that at all. :duh: believes all sorts of fantastic nonsense as anyone can easily see.

There was a bullshit video that came out showing PPH has to charge for shipping of fetal tissue (because they can't afford to ship medical tissues as they are painfully underfunded) and the right wing loon machine claims they are "selling body parts", because saying that makes people crazy with outrage. Suddenly they are nothing but abortion mills (an outright lie; abortion accounts for a mere 3% of what PPH does) and suddenly the federal government is funding abortions directly (another outright lie; it's illegal for any government funds to be used in abortions).

Of course, none of these numbskulls would ever bother to take 4 minutes to investigate shit, so it became "true" and now the squawking parrots are all jawing the same lies. They do this because they have no real argument upon which to hang their desire to abuse and oppress women and define sex as sin, like their ridiculous "good book" commands them to do.
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