Trump... A Match Made in Heaven (TM)

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Re: Trump... A Match Made in Heaven (TM)

Postby Aaron » Wed Mar 09, 2016 11:55 pm

Keep The Reason wrote:Sometimes things you write are just so incredibly... Never mind. I don't feel like insulting you.

I appreciate your restraint. I wasn't thinking of a jet liner though, just a small aircraft.

KTR wrote:Secondly -- Your problem is your "least bad person" isn't going to win the nomination. Drumpf is almost certainly going to, and if he doesn't then he'll go independent (you really should hope it goes that way so at least you can vote for a loser like Cruz and sleep at night)

I've been asking a few of my conservative family members who claim they hate Drumpf, "Well if he's the nominee would you vote for him anyway?"

Oh, yes, of course they will because party loyalty. Mind boggling. Sometimes I agree with Christians that human beings are just no damned good. Maybe we do deserve extinction.

Yeah, don't know who's going to win the nomination, but it doesn't look good. But I'm not party loyal. I suppose if it came down to Trump or Hillary (which looks like it might) then I may abstain... not sure yet.
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