Trump and China.

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Trump and China.

Postby Clare » Tue Jan 03, 2017 4:47 am

"If China won't rein North Korea in, Trump has suggested the US should "make trade very difficult" with Beijing. He has also suggested that he would have China assassinate the North Korean leader to make him "disappear in one form or another very quickly." ... index.html

HOW IS THIS NOT A BIGGER DEAL THAN IT IS??? IS HE INSANE??? All of those spineless republicans lining up to kiss his ass now that they think he's going to be pro corporations are letting him wreak havoc. We probably are headed for WWIII, unless someone intervenes, fast. And, say N Korea does launch and hit Guam, or even the Western states. That's it for them...they become a smoldering crater after the first shot. But, we don't know who else will fire, and how the world reacts. If they can't hit us, imagine if Trump keeps working his mouth until they hit someone we know they can...Japan and S Korea. That would be devastating.
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