Why 45 did a flip on transgender people

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Why 45 did a flip on transgender people

Postby Keep The Reason » Fri Feb 24, 2017 10:32 pm

So many times there's been these debates on AC&AA on how religion is not something to be too concerned about when it comes to how the USA is defined socially. I, and many atheists here, take the position that it is one of the most significant driving forces of how our culture is defined and redefined by religious people, whereas others, primarily believers themselves insist that this is not really much of a driver.

But this video breaks down why the religious right consistently succeeds in rolling back gains made against discrimination, and it just as consistently rolls right on back to their beliefs in a god that cares about people's sex lives:

And we're now in for a roll back to serious losses for gay people in America. Religious beliefs inform these people's politics. We live with a sword point at our throats grounded in Iron Age bigotries, and those bigotries are put to power.

Scary times ahead.
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