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Fighting Trump

PostPosted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 12:26 pm
by Keep The Reason
I received a PM asking me to outline some of the things I'm doing to fight this shameful cancer we have in our highest office. I thought I'd simply outline some of the things I'm doing to help end this national nightmare.

As a Californian, and being in a Blue State (where our electorate of 3+ million voters ABOVE the one who voted for 45 -- tend to get completely ignored), there are less urgent elements around than would be for someone living in a state like Alabama (where the winner of the recent primary -- though he didn't get 50% so there a run off against Luther Strange -- for filling in for Senator Session's leaving is ROY FUCKING MOORE (sorry it's a slow loading website but it covers his career fully)), so depending upon where you live there may be more or less action -- there's still plenty to do. So here's a list of things I'm involved in or recommend.

1. Right up top is to join Indivisible. It is a grass roots movement of progressives using the same tactics the Tea Party used to get into power. Just go to their website, join up, support with $$ if you can, and read their manifesto. They have a LOT of suggestions and recommendations for action.

Indivisible Guide

2. A close second is to download and USE 5calls on your smartphone. The app connects to your zip code and links you to your local representatives, congress person, and Senators. It sends you info on important issues, and you make 5 calls each day; the issues (and if you don't agree with one you don't have to make a call on it) are listed and a little script on what to say is offered. The more people who do this, the more the people we've elected listen and construe their formula as to the constituents who would elect them. In some places, an elected official will formulate that a single call equals the opinions of 500 other people (these numbers vary). Make sure to call within your district. If you go outside, you'll be ignored and so you're wasting your time. That being said, using dirty pool tactics (and frankly, given the horrific amount of gerrymandering and cheating Republicans have done for years, they are up to their eyeballs in dirty pool -- in fact, it's sewer pools at this point), you can adopt numerous zip codes if you want and extend your reach. I personally prefer to just stick to my area, I'm just letting you know it's a system that can be circumvented.

For a good read on how your interaction with Congress matters, read this New Yorker Article

One problem with 5calls is what began as a value add has turned into a bit of a liability -- in that it offers you a script. What happens however is that staffers --who wind up hearing hundreds of these calls every day, especially now -- are becoming complacent and familiar with the scripted call and thus downgrading its importance. So REWORK THE SCRIPT INTO YOUR OWN WORDS! Don't use the 5calls script as anything but basic info. And try to know more about the issues you're calling about-- ignorance is only well served when it's the elected official feigning ignorance lying to their public in order to bow to their donor's every demand. It doesn't work when the constituent comes off as ignorant. So get in touch with those issues and call every single day.

3. Town Halls. Go to them! Get your Green Agree/Red Disagree signs and go to every town hall you can get to. For one they have become pretty raucous and entertaining. The ones I go to are a bit less entertaining because again, I live in a blue state which is merely the 6th largest economy on the PLANET because progressive policies succeed for all strata and conservative ones impoverish everyone but the top 1% (Kansas, anyone?), but I still go to them.

4. Volunteer. Every little bit helps. It just does. Even if it's 30 minutes a week, it helps. Find an elected official you like and offer your time to them. You do not have to do this with local people only -- you can offer to help groups remotely.

5. Go to, promote, or organize marches. Here in LA they are pretty massive events, but they are deeply cathartic and an overt display of solidarity. The good news is, the Trumpeteers who would counter protest (with hostility) are growing smaller and smaller in number as support for this guy drops off the cliff it was always perched upon. The first ones I went to had a lot of counter demonstrators, but that has dwindled considerably. It's becoming an utter embarrassment to even SAY you're for Trump here, so less and less people are doing so. Obviously this might be completely different in your neck of the woods, but rest assured, more and more people are recognizing that Trump is a deranged monstrosity, directly connected to Russians, perverse and corrupt, and a racist Nazi pig who deserves at the very least to be impeached for gross negligence, collusion with a foreign government and violating emoluments laws.

6. I know people think that posting is a waste of time but really it isn't (online petitions are, but posting, including Twitter --though personally I am not a Twitter fan; I think it's dumbing things down with its 140 character limits-- isn't). Get on FB and forums and make your voices heard. Sure you'll get into it with the Deplorables, but it still impacts them. If progressives and decent people abdicate the public forum, then the only voices heard will be the indecent immoral racists that are still on board with this epic failure of a human being. So get out there and counter every asshat dumbshit you can. And if they run away or go silent-- GOOD! That tells you they are being marginalized, because they have long ago lost the moral (and human) high ground. Sure they may be retreating into their safe-zone bubbles, where they rub their hands together plotting like comical Medici princes, but the more ostracized and isolated they become, the more cut off from one another they are, the less powerful they are.

As I noted I don't do this much here anymore, and I'm more involved in r/l stuff which precludes me from engaging in things like other forums myself, but nothing is stopping anyone else from doing so, especially if you're in an area where direct involvement is risky, or too far removed, or otherwise out of reach. Here's a forum similar to the mechanism of this one, called Conservative Underground; the TOS is a lot like there. I've read it and it gets heated, and frankly they don't really bother to stick to the rules for their conservative members so you may not last, but hell, here's the facts: We'll never be rid of these monstrous individuals, there will likely always be these psychopaths and tribal lepers amongst us, and they may crawl out from the shadows in their numbers every now and then, but it never hurts to confront them with their lies and their deviance.

Finally, since I want to know all sides, I use this news aggregator: I find it gives me great access to the left, centrist and right news sources, so I can be as well informed about issues as I can be.

I hope this helps.

Re: Fighting Trump

PostPosted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 9:21 pm
by Simplyme
It will help me quite a bit, now that i'm living down here in Florida. Lots of work to do.


Re: Fighting Trump

PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 11:51 am
by Keep The Reason
I meant to include Resistbot...

Resistbot helps voters oppose Trump by faxing their text messages to Congressional reps
Hear that, Trump?


In the weeks following the election of President Donald Trump, tips for how people can voice their concerns to public officials circulated on social media and on Google docs.

Now a group of techies wants to make reaching officials in Congress even easier. All you have to do is text. Called “Resistbot,” you’d be right to assume this app is meant to be a thorn in Trump’s side.

“We will faithfully deliver any message our users send in, but the voice of the product is for the liberals and conservatives in opposition to the Trump administration,” wrote co-creator Jason Putorti, a designer for AngelList who volunteered for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, in an email to Recode.

Emphasis on “conservatives” is Putorti’s.

This is a nonprofit side-project for those involved. Volunteering on the project in addition to Putorti is Eric Ries, CEO of startup Long-Term Stock Exchange and author of “The Lean Startup,” a book on entrepreneurship. More than a dozen others, including about half a dozen employees of Twilio, are also helping out, according to Putorti.

Launched Wednesday, Resistbot faxes users’ texted messages to officials. Just type “resist” and hit send to 50409, and the automated bot will ask your name and your zip code. The zip code is used to determine who your public officials are. Then you type in your message.

The first message you send will go, by default, to your Senators. The bot is supposed to also help users send messages to Representatives after interacting more with the user, according to the app website.

The site says Resistbot creators have confirmed messages are actually received by congressional staffers.

Sending a text message to reach your Senator or Representative may sound less impactful than making a phone call or stopping by their office in person, but Putorti said faxes and emails “are considered just as effective or more so [than phone calls] because there’s no way to truly verify if a call is from a constituent.”

“What staffers need are tallies, turning constituent input into a count of support for or against. Ideally there would be a much better system for this but our democracy isn't perfect, it's incredibly messy,” he said.

Re: Fighting Trump

PostPosted: Wed Aug 23, 2017 7:57 pm
by Patrick Star
Trump needs to be resisted hard! Protest at every event where he speaks. Just drown the fucker out!