Hillsong Church is Spreading Like Wildfire

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Hillsong Church is Spreading Like Wildfire

Postby searchengineguy » Mon Apr 04, 2016 9:55 pm

I've never seen a church grow as quickly as Hillsong. They are a pentacostal mega-church that preaches the Gospels from a massive church with stunning audio/video presentations, often entertaining with young xtian rock bands. They started off in 1983 meeting in a school hall near where I live, with a couple of dozen members when they were known as the "Hills Christian Life Centre."

Every day there is a constant stream of mainly young people walking to church from all directions, mainly local and oversea students. When they have their regular meetings, the traffic is massively clogged and the shopping centre car park is full of non-paying customers who leave their cars parked to the annoyance of locals and flock into the church in large numbers.

Their marketing is very fine-tuned with billboards everywhere, TV, radio and newspapers are heralding their newest events. Sadly our prime minister at the time opened their church. Now it is spreading internationally in London, New York City, Paris, Stockholm, Zurich, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Moscow, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Kiev, Mitchells Plain, and Phoenix.

Are they making an impression near you?
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