6 Shrines of Jesus That Never Existed

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6 Shrines of Jesus That Never Existed

Postby searchengineguy » Fri Oct 28, 2016 8:38 pm

Lourdes and Fatima get millions of visitors every year based on apparitions of Mary. Jesus, the superman of Christianity, should have left his mark in history in plenty of places and had shrines built for Christians to pilgrimage and adore. Sadly none of these places are known in exact location or time, so zip historically correct shrines for Jesus. The following IMO should have had precise dates and locations recorded if they are important to Christianity:

1. His birthplace and birthday.
2. The place of his crucifixion and date of his death.
3. The exact location of his tomb. To be fair, 6 tombs have pilgrimages, including one at Japan. There is no scholarly agreement on the exact location.
4. The apparition of Jesus to Paul on an unknown date somewhere on the road to Damascus. This is a tough one because Jerusalem to Damascus is about 370 kilometres apart. On a separate note, how could he grab all the Christians living there and organise the logistics of marching them them back to Jerusalem as prisoners? It would have taken a week or more on horseback, requiring lots of food, water, shelter and security.
5. Jesus' Transfiguration. On another unknown date, Jesus took Peter, James, and John his brother, led them up on a "high mountain". Jesus had a white-out, Moses and Elijah magically appeared and disappeared and a voice came booming out of the clouds.
6.The Ascension happened 40 days after the resurrection, whenever that was supposed to be. Acts has it at the Mount of Olives, but the Chapel of the Ascension in Jerusalem is venerated as the place where Jesus floated up to Heaven. It also has a stone with the very footprints of Jesus on it. If he was light enough to float up to Heaven, how did he leave footprints in rock?
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